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Mock Balloting Confirms Speed of Venezuela's Electoral Process

A mock election carried out on Sunday in Caracas highlighted the speed of Venezuela’s voting system ahead of the upcoming September 26 legislative elections, with an average voting time of one-and-a-half minutes, affirmed the main rector of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Socorro Hernandez.

The mock election proceeded normally and according to plan, and it “benefited from mass participation, which made us extend the process for an hour,” she said.

Besides, Hernandez noted that large crowds of people appeared early in the morning at 52 pilot centers enabled for the mock vote.

The activity enabled test to be performed on the electronic voting system, said the Venezuelan official.

Similarly, Hernandez stated that the election authority was pleased with the activity. As usual, she noted, some areas need to be improved, such as the best distribution of voting stations in some polling places in order to make the lines flow more easily.

Concerning certain troublemaking opposition groups, Hernández said that they were aiming to “make a fuss” to gain notoriety. She estimated that the electoral body has a high level of conscience and knows how to judge those who foster these kind of actions.

“Yesterday, candidates should have taken the opportunity to exchange ideas with people and offer comments on their proposals, instead of infringing the rules of the activity,” she said.

Similarly, she informed that electoral fairs will begin next August 31 nationwide. Citizens will be able to have information about how to vote in the 1,500 centers deployed nationwide.

Moreover, the electoral authority informed that besides the deputies to the National Assembly, members of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) and a native representative for this body –who will be chosen for the first time in the country- will be voted for during the upcoming electoral process.

Photo: AVN

AVN/Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./August 23, 2010

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