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"In Caracas There Are No Bombs Killing Dozens of People Every Day as in Baghdad"

In an interview published by the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco on Tuesday, U.S. journalist and researcher at the Transnational Institute Saul Landau highlighted that “the body counts in Mexico and Iraq have no comparison to those in Venezuela.” 

The New York Times claimed in an article yesterday that in Venezuela more people die on a daily basis than in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, invaded by the United States in 2003.  

“Even the fight against drugs in Mexico has claimed fewer lives,” said the journalist.

The Prensa Latina news agency reported on Monday that four men were decapitated and hung on a bridge over a highway. Also, Iraqi authorities informed that three people died, among them a police officer and a soldier, and another 20 people were injured in a series of attacks in Baghdad.

“Such comparisons make no sense. There are no gangs attacking mosques with machine guns in Venezuela. There are no bombs killing dozens of people every day in Caracas, as occurs in Baghdad,” Landau stressed.

The U.S. journalist said that the history published by The New York Times is “a provocation.” He added, “It doesn’t deserve space in any newspaper, except by an Anti-Chavez propaganda newspaper.”  

The director of the Bolivarian National Police Luis Fernández reminded that “scenarios in Caracas, Baghdad and Mexico City are completely different.” He added that “there is a war” in Iraq. 

Without denying the citizen security problems existing in Venezuela, Fernández considered that the problem has been blown out of proportion by some sectors.

Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Police has managed to reduce violence in its patrol area, the populous Sucre parish in Caracas. “We have been able to reduce crime and murder rates over 50 percent,” Fernandez stated. Additionaly, between January and August 2010, the police force has reported that gender-based violence fell by 64 percent.

Correo del Orinoco/AVN/Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./August 24, 2010

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