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We Are Consolidating South America as a Great Territory For Peace

President Chávez from Argentina

 "We will continue to open spaces…to strengthen South America and consolidate this continent as a great territory for peace, with a great capacity to confront and resolve our conflicts peacefully,"  said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez after meeting with his counterpart in Argentina, Cristina Fernandez in Buenos Aires today.

At the beginning of his political agenda in the Southern Cone country, the Venezuelan Head of State stressed that the review and signing of new cooperation agreements with Argentina strengthens integration in Latin American, allowing for the creation of spaces for economic benefits and peace.

"We do not want extraneous factors in our South American continent to come and to disturb the peace we need to move forward in the development of our peoples," he said in a joint press conference with the Argentinean President.

For her part, President Fernández said that the differences in the region have been resolved thanks to international law and thanks to the support of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in handling conflicts in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

"It's a great tribute to that effort we made, women and men in South America , for all the difficulties and differences that could be resolved in-house with our own means," said the ArgentinePresident.

She added that she was proud of the peaceful behavior shown in South America.

"When I see the great civilized countries solve problems by bombing, I confirm that I am very proud to be South American, part of UNASUR and to honor the tradition of peace and harmony," said Fernandez.

Venezuelan News Agency, Press, Venezuela Embassy to the United States / March 29, 2011

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