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Venezuelan Embassy Coordinates Support for Venezuelans Affected by Tornado

The Venezuelan Consul in New Orleans , Jorge Guerrero Veloz, said this week that the Venezuelan embassy in the United States is coordinating efforts to aid those affected by the 160 tornadoes that devastated parts of south-central U.S. and killed at least 295 people.

"We are monitoring the situation, in coordination with the embassy of Venezuela in Washington , to provide the necessary help to Venezuelans affected. Citgo informed us that they are available to help," said the consul.

In New Orleans , dozens of Venezuelans sought protection, said the diplomat. "According to information we obtained, between 100 and 150 Venezuelans were in different places that served as a shelter in Birmingham , while the tornado passed. Most of them returned to their homes."

Guerrero said that until yesterday had no information about Venezuelans that could have been killed or injured.

Guerrero recalled that in 2005, the embassy and Citgo helped Venezuelans affected by Hurricane Katrina that hit the southern and central U.S.

The strongest tornado in Alabama was 1.6 miles wide and had winds of 160 mph, which placed it in the highest category on the scale of measurement (F5).

According to Panorama newspaper, nine U.S. states declared emergencies: Arkansas , Kentucky , Mississippi , Missouri , Tennessee , Oklahoma , Virginia , Georgia, and Alabama . In the latter state, the most affected with 194 dead, the city of Tuscaloosa was reduced to rubble.

Press Office -Venezuelan Embassy to the US / April 29, 2011

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