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President Chavez Speaks to Nation

Health Improving

In a speech broadcast yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said his health is steadily improving after having been operated on for a second time to remove a cancerous tumor. “For now and forever we will live and we will overcome,” said Chavez after explaining to the Venezuelan people the challenges he has faced regarding his health.

He explained that the second round of surgery, though more significant than the first, took place without complications. “After that, I have continued evolving satisfactorily, whereas I receive supplementary treatments to fight the various cells found and thus keep on the way of my full recovery,” he said.

Chavez said that upon his arrival to Cuba for a state visit two weeks ago, former Cuban President Fidel Castro “queried me almost like a doctor; I made my confession almost like a patient.”
“Throughout my life, I have been making one of those mistakes that could perfectly fit in a category that some philosopher called fundamental errors -neglecting my health and being reluctant to get checkups and medical treatments,” he added.

In his speech to the nation, Chavez said that despite his successful first round of surgery, indications of other problems emerged.

“Another set of special cytochemical, cytological, microbiological and anatomical pathology studies was conducted and confirmed the existence of an abscessed tumor with cancerous cells,” he said.
Chavez indicated that the cancerous tumor was fully removed during the second surgical operation. “I wanted to speak to you with the sun of the dawn that I feel rising,” he said.

Despite his medical condition, Chavez said that he has no separated himself from his presidential duties.

Additionally, he expressed his appreciation to Cuba and the doctors who have treated him.
“Thank God; thank you my people; thank you my life. Until victory always!”

AVN/ Press Office-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / June 30, 2011

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