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National Census Has Successfully Surveyed 650,000 Venezuelans

About 650,000 Venezuelans have successfully taken the 2011 National Census of Population and Housing during its first days, informed Elias Eljuri, President of the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

To date, census workers have visited 150,000 households, Eljuri noted during a radio interview. “We have had an overwhelming response from the Venezuelan during these first days of the census,” he said.

Additionally, Eljuri said that currently the percentage of families who haven’t taken the census is low and due to various reasons including the fact that some families have not been at home at the time of the visit.

As a result, he indicated that houses will be revisited, and if census workers do not find family members at home, they will leave contact information.

The mobile devices being used by census workers are designed to collect only the data contained in the questionnaires, and once processed, the information remains encrypted in the device to be subsequently transmitted, Eljuri explained.

The president of the INE said that once the information is registered, there is no way the pollster can access the data on individual families.

RNV / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / September 6, 2011


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