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President Ch?vez Maintains 27.8% Advantage Over Opposition

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez maintains an advantage of 27.8 percent over the opposition candidate in the October 7th presidential election as well as 60.1 percent of support for his reelection, according to an analysis of opinion polls by Venezuelan journalist José Vicente Rangel.

The polls indicate that since July 2011, voter preference for President Chávez has increased by 16 percent compared to his opponents.

Rangel said that in a July 2011 survey, voter preference for Hugo Chávez reached 48.9 percent. Meanwhile, the population that identified itself as against Chávez reached 37.9 percent, while 13.2 percent answered “don’t know” or did not answer. That survey gave an 11 percent advantage to the socialist candidate, Rangel noted.

By October 2011, voter preference for Chávez had increased to 52.9 percent, versus 34.8 percent for the opposition and 12.3 percent undecided, Rangel said. Therefore, the gap favoring Chávez increased by 18.1 percent.

Most recently, in January 2012, voter preference for Hugo Chávez reached 57.7 percent, versus 29.9 percent for the opposition, while the amount undecided stands at 12.8 percent.

“The gap favoring Chávez reached 27.8 percent,” Rangel said.

YVKE Mundial / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / February 20, 2012

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